Allison & Dave Engagement Session ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~

I can’t wait to photograph the wedding of these two beautiful people! It was freezing the day we went out to do their engagement session-but these two braved the weather to show me some love.  (Since I was 34 weeks pregnant, I loved the cold weather!)  I don’t know if you could find two moreContinue reading “Allison & Dave Engagement Session ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~”

Ashley & Jim Engagement ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~

This adorable couple came to me after a dear friend of theirs got them a gift certificate for this session- how sweet is that!? What I got during this session was that Jim seems like a very quiet, reserved sort of man but I think he really is a silly, funny guy….perhaps even a littleContinue reading “Ashley & Jim Engagement ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~”

Erin & Kyle Engagement ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~

Many, many moons ago, Erin and I became cousins through marriage and although the “cousin status” is not longer official, we have always kept in touch with each others lives (oh the magic of social media!).  I have photographed Erin & Kyle’s family on numerous occasions over the last couple years, and their youngest daughtersContinue reading “Erin & Kyle Engagement ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~”

Brandon & Amy Get Engaged ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~

This past fall I was happily involved in a surprise engagement! My dear friend Brandon was planning to propose and we talked about doing a ‘family’ shoot with the two of them and their dog during which he would pop the big question.  I don’t know who was more nervous, me or him! The firstContinue reading “Brandon & Amy Get Engaged ~*Windsor Wedding Photographer*~”

Chantale & Russell Get Hitched!

I have known Chantale since we were 5 years old.  We went to the same grade school and high school and many of my memories include her as one of my closest friends.  We were goofy and funny and got into trouble (not much) and did silly things….oh boy! After high school we kind ofContinue reading “Chantale & Russell Get Hitched!”

Shawn & Melanie Take The Next Step *~E-Session~*

Listening to these two talk, it appears the last 6 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of crazy.  They contacted me shortly after Shawn popped the question and we booked the session right away.   I have known Shawn through mutual friends for a few years, he has a strong dedication to health andContinue reading “Shawn & Melanie Take The Next Step *~E-Session~*”

Amber & Nick

I was so excited when I was asked to be part of this special day.  Of course, as always, the year flew by and before we knew it the day was upon us.   I felt so at ease and comfortable with this family – and it helped that I knew a great deal of guestsContinue reading “Amber & Nick”