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Birth photography, does that mean you just take photos of the baby coming out? Are they graphic? I don’t know if I want you “down there” with the Dr or midwife.
Absolutely not. During our consultation, we will talk about your personal desires for your birth story. Every story is different. And every story is unique and uniquely yours. My focus, is to allow you and your birth partner to focus on this amazing part of your life, while I create tangible memories to tell your beautiful story.

When should I contact you to book a portrait session?
As soon as you know you would like one! For my pregnancy clients; I generally recommend to contact me into your second trimester, most often connecting with me after 20 weeks. For my birth clients; this allows is to set a get together to talk about your dreams and desire for your birth story.

What type of sessions do you offer?
I specialize in birth photography, with a focus on newborns and love. If you’re wondering if I photograph what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask! Personally, I want everyone to have their idea, event or story photographed in the manner in which they have dreamt about.
This means, that even if I do not, or cannot, photograph your session, I will always do my best to provide you with contacts to help connect you with your perfect person.

I would like to have maternity photos done, when is the best time to do these?
For expectant mothers, I recommend to schedule your session when you are between 32 and 36 weeks. However, that being said, it’s really up to you and whenever you feel comfortable and “pregnant enough!”

I would like to book newborn photos,
should I wait until the baby is born?

Ideally, you should book the session while you are still pregnant; as soon as you are far enough along to feel comfortable booking a
session. Again, I have limited availability so it’s best to book ahead. Ideally, newborn photos are done between 4 and 14 days of age. If you are having a boy, and will be having him circumcised, I
recommend to wait 5 days past his circumcision, while still having the session done within the 14 day window. Don’t worry, we don’t “pin down” a date while you are pregnant, but rather I leave an available spot a couple weeks before and after your due date.

I have lots of stretch marks and I’m not comfortable with them, I don’t think I want to show my belly and I’m not even sure if I want to have photos done. I don’t really enjoy being pregnant.

Each session is tailored to my individual clients. I respect their requests and wishes to the best of my ability. Being that I have 4 children of my own, I know all about being a little self conscious about my belly. Whenever I have had a mom-to-be tell me this, my response is this:
This is a very exciting time of your life which in the grand scheme of things, is also a relative short time of your life. This time flies by and before you know it, it is over. You will want these photos, to look back and smile and reflect of milestone moment for you. This, I can promise you. Even if your pregnancy is not the easiest or most fun, you will miss this time. Now that being said, digital photography has definite
advantages. I have the ability to edit out stretch marks, dark spots, hormone-related acne and more.

I’m about to have a baby and I’d like to book a newborn session but I have other children I’d like to include. Is this possible?
Yes. However when we are including other siblings, I ask that they be brought by another family member or friend. We will
photograph your baby and their siblings in the beginning of the session and then ask that the older children be brought home. Newborn sessions can last up to 4 hours which equals boring for older children! Once your baby is born, you will receive a session preparation guide to help you prepare and know what to expect on the day of the session.

What should I expect for my session?
Depending on the session type, they can last anywhere from
30 minute-4 hours. Once we have booked your session I will discuss the final details with you.
I am a very chatty, pretty easy going person and feel that when someone is comfortable it shows within the photograph. It’s not very often that I am quiet, and I enjoy laughing and making others laugh. I like to be relaxed and “go with the flow”. Remember, I have four young children of my own, which means I know that they aren’t always the “most co-operative” when we want them to be! That is OK! Don’t stress!! I have a large variety of props, blankets, headbands and more which you can have use of. I also greatly enjoy adding to my “arsenal” of props so I am always acquiring new ones! However, if you have a special item you would like to have including please bring it!
As I stated above, I will send you a newborn session preparation guide after your little one is born so that you have a vision as to what to expect during the session, as well as what to bring and how to prepare

Where do Portrait sessions take place?
Either in my home studio or on location. For newborns and babies,
I do these in my home studio. I have a large variety of props and items for both girls and boys, so you do not need to bring anything with you. If you have a special item you wish to include in your
session, let’s talk about what that is and how we can incorporate it! Outdoor, on location sessions will be a collaboration of my
suggestions and your vision.

Do you photograph weddings?
Yes I do! I even do destination weddings! If you would like to
arrange a meeting so we can discuss your big day and go over the
details, please contact me!

I look forward to meeting with you!!!!

Clarissa Marie

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34 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Just wondering what your newborn packages run? I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant and thinking about some newborn shots


  2. Hi Clarissa! You gave me your card yesterday and I just wanted to tell you how amazing your pictures are! I will definitely be booking something with you next time we need our photos done!

  3. HI Clarissa, I am currently expecting and due at the end of May. Just wondering what you charge for newborn pics and if you have availability around this time? Thank you:)

  4. Hi Clarrisa, we were looking to buy a new born session as a shower gift. What price would we be looking at and do you have gift cards available? Thanks so much for your help.

  5. Hi Clarissa,
    I have a week baby and would like some info regarding newborn photo shoots and costs for sessions.
    You’re work is fabulous!

    1. Hi Clarissa,
      I have a week baby and would like some info regarding newborn photo shoots and costs for sessions.
      You’re work is fabulous!

  6. Hi Clarissa.

    I am interested in a newborn photo shoot. If you could please email me your packages, that would be awesome!


  7. Hi, I’m interested in a newborn session. Baby came about a week and a half early and is now 3 days old. I’m not sure what your upcoming schedule is like, as I realize I am emailing you late. We also have a 19 month old we would like to include in some of the photos. He is very taken with his new baby brother. Thanks!

    Christina Wachna

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