Welcome To the World

Yesterday evening I became an Auntie….again.  My husband and I already have 2 nephews on my side of the family.  This time, his brother was the one expecting.  I posted Jessie’s maternity photos not too long ago and the time finally arrived for the little man’s debut. The immediate family members waited patiently throughout theContinue reading “Welcome To the World”

Glowing Mama- It’s almost time!

I don’t have much else to say except my sister-in-law is beautiful.  Pregnancy agrees with her and she is absolutely glowing.  I cannot wait to meet our newest nephew.  Thinking of the excitement my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are about to experience brings me joy!  Becoming a parent is such a truly wonderful event. And he will be the first grandson forContinue reading “Glowing Mama- It’s almost time!”

Mr C Turns One!

I met Mr C and his family a couple months ago when I photographed him for Christmas. When his mom contacted me to do a cake smash shoot for his first birthday, it was a no brainer!  This little guy is so sweet!  His first encounter with me, he was Mr Serious but this timeContinue reading “Mr C Turns One!”

Mr N *24 days new*

I normally do not photograph newborns over the age of 14 days; however I made the exception when Mr N’s mother contacted me. He was born just around the holidays, and I know as well as anyone, how crazy the holidays could be especially with children! So I agreed and we scheduled him right away. Continue reading “Mr N *24 days new*”

Miss A’s 1st Birthday

I have been friends with this little darling’s mother since we were 5 years old and our families lived just around the block. Growing up we were inseparable – I think we saw each other every single day!  Although I have my memories there may be a time that my brain has more difficulty retrieving them.    TheContinue reading “Miss A’s 1st Birthday”