Mr A ~*17 days fresh*~

When my oldest started daycare,  I always loved talking and getting to know the teachers. And why wouldn’t I? They essentially had my daughter for more waking hours during the week than I did, I wanted to get to know them the best I could.  Mr A’s mama was one of those teachers and IContinue reading “Mr A ~*17 days fresh*~”

Mr B & Mr P~ 14 days fresh~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

It’s always so special to see how excited people are when they contact me to schedule a shoot.  I typically recommend to schedule the newborn session when mama-to-be is 18-22 weeks along, occasionally I will get a family who contacts me much earlier and that makes me smile.  I feel that shows just how excitingContinue reading “Mr B & Mr P~ 14 days fresh~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Welcome Mr C ~*7 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Mr C’s mama and I first met a “few years” ago when she started working as a Registered Vet Tech with me at the clinic I work at.  After a few years of working together, she decided to leave the veterinary field and “cross to the other side” of human medicine!  And although we wereContinue reading “Welcome Mr C ~*7 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”