Waiting For Little Brother

I first met this beautiful couple a few years back when I photographed their maternity session for their first, then multiple times from newborn through Miss H’s life so of course, I was pumped when they contacted me and told me they were expecting again! And this time….a little brother! 🙂 Miss H was sleepyContinue reading “Waiting For Little Brother”

Waiting for Baby P ~*Windsor Maternity Photographer*~

One of my BFF’s since grade school is expecting and we’re due only a few weeks apart! She has been living in Toronto for many years, so sadly for us we get to experience it together via emails, texts and social media but it’s still so exciting!  She and her family were here for aContinue reading “Waiting for Baby P ~*Windsor Maternity Photographer*~”

Waiting For Baby D ~34 weeks~ *Windsor Maternity Photographer*

This beautiful mama to be and I went to highschool together *a few years ago* and seeing her again made me realize that some people don’t change.  She is still a vibrant, funny, excitable, can’t-keep-still kinda girl!  And I love, love, loved shooting her! Knowing from personal experience with my previous pregnancies, not every womanContinue reading “Waiting For Baby D ~34 weeks~ *Windsor Maternity Photographer*”

J & P *~32 weeks~* Windsor Maternity Photographer

I’m very excited for their little one to arrive, seeing as she is due on my birthday!  I loved doing this session; they were so much fun! Mama had a number of adorable ideas for our in studio shots (I decided to continue to keep those private) and we had some awesome laughs during thisContinue reading “J & P *~32 weeks~* Windsor Maternity Photographer”

Waiting For Baby ~*36 weeks*~ Windsor Maternity Photographer

These two were some of the sweetest parents to be! For those who know me, I almost never go anywhere without a flower in my hair so I just loved that mom had one too!  Her sweet little bump was just too cute for words, hardly able to believe she was only a couple weeksContinue reading “Waiting For Baby ~*36 weeks*~ Windsor Maternity Photographer”

Waiting for Baby *~34 weeks~* Windsor Maternity Photographer

I was thrilled when these two contacted me to photograph not only their bump, but their little beeb when she arrived.  I’ve known Daddy for a very long time, since we were small kids, growing up in the bowling alley.  Although, when I was younger I felt much older than he and his twin brotherContinue reading “Waiting for Baby *~34 weeks~* Windsor Maternity Photographer”

Waiting For Baby ~*36 weeks*~ Windsor Maternity Photographer

I love when people love snowy photos! And I love when parents to be choose to do maternity sessions.  I know as well as anyone, that being pregnant doesn’t always equate to self-thought beauty in the mind of the mama to be.  I’m not speaking directly for this mama, but in general I see this. Continue reading “Waiting For Baby ~*36 weeks*~ Windsor Maternity Photographer”

Baby Excitement! ~*35 weeks*~ *Windsor Maternity Photographer*

I had been looking forward to meeting this family for quite some time and when we did, I found out that I had already photographed this darling little girl! Two years ago I donated my time to do a father’s day shoot for Lassaline Ontario Early Year Center.  I photographed many children so that theContinue reading “Baby Excitement! ~*35 weeks*~ *Windsor Maternity Photographer*”

Baby Bump! ~*34 weeks*~

Ever notice that as time goes on, those who were younger than you, all of a sudden are the same age as you?  That is exactly how I feel when I think of my brother and sister!  I am the oldest of three, myself, my brother and then our baby sister. As you may know,Continue reading “Baby Bump! ~*34 weeks*~”

Beautiful Mama Jennifer

When I found out these two initially were not going to have a maternity session my first instinct was what!? Are they crazy? 🙂 Of course, I know that belly photos aren’t for everyone but I am a strong believer (now that I have 2 children) that there will come a time that you WILLContinue reading “Beautiful Mama Jennifer”