Mr R *~14 days new~*

Another handsome little babe! Another beautiful sibling that I’m blessed to photograph. I first met mom and dad when they were pregnant with big sister and I photographed their anticipation of becoming parents.  They trusted me enough to capture her newborn and all throughout her life so far, so imagine my excitement when mom contactedContinue reading “Mr R *~14 days new~*”

Little Miss R ~*7 days new*~

I photographed this beauty’s twin big sisters 5 years ago (wow! How does THAT happen!) so once again, I was honoured to be chosen to capture this little one during this sweet fleeting time. And she gave me some of the most amazing smiles! A newborn smile is like the double chocolate cake of theContinue reading “Little Miss R ~*7 days new*~”

Mr H *~13 days new~*

Watching families grow is one of the best parts of my job, and when it’s for people I already love, it’s even more special! I was honoured yet again to be asked to photograph a new sibling for their newborn session!  Big brother S was just a little guy when I had him in studioContinue reading “Mr H *~13 days new~*”

Mr W *~8 days new~*

The lashes on this sweetheart are incredible! And his pouty lips and kissable cheeks…I am sure they are kissed…A LOT!  He was so good for his whole session that I just couldn’t stop photographing him! Which resulted in so many amazing photos that I had to edit them all.  I was excited to see theContinue reading “Mr W *~8 days new~*”

Mr J *~13 days new~*

Woops! So with my own 2 older children home from school for the summer, along with the baby, it appears I’ve gotten a tad behind on my blogging! Well, time to make up for that! This little guy was such a dream to photograph. He had the most perfect skin and I just loved hisContinue reading “Mr J *~13 days new~*”

Mr M ~*8 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer~*

I absolutely LOVED little Mr M’s wrinkles! He had such sweet “old man” wrinkles on his forehead and squishy ones on his back.  His sweet little lips and nose were just begging to be kissed! (I refrained, but I bet his family doesn’t!) 🙂  A few times I saw his eyes as he peeked upContinue reading “Mr M ~*8 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer~*”

Miss I ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer*~

Miss I – after two handsome boys finally a princess for mommy and daddy!  I have to say that this little sweetheart looks exactly like her oldest brother!  I have known this little ones mommy since she was just a little girl, she is the younger sister of a dear, dear friend of mine thatContinue reading “Miss I ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer*~”

Miss T ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Miss T was such a sweetheart! Which comes as no surprise since her parents are just about the nicest couple you could meet.  I met them a while back when I photographed them for their maternity session and I just LOVED watching how loving and caring dad was about his beautiful wife and the lookContinue reading “Miss T ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Baby A ~*15 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Mr A had the cutest little cheeks I’ve ever seen! It took all my might to keep photographing him and not keep stopping to pinch those cheeks (seriously, they were so soft and squishy!).  His mama brought an adorable hat (and matching booties) that were beautifully made for him before he was born and IContinue reading “Baby A ~*15 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Mr G ~*14 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

If you can find a more perfect set of lips on a newborn….I want to see them! The pout, oh my, so amazing.  Mr G was so good and I just loved his session! What a small world it turns out to be, just a few weeks before his session I also took care ofContinue reading “Mr G ~*14 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”