Mr A ~*17 days fresh*~

When my oldest started daycare,  I always loved talking and getting to know the teachers. And why wouldn’t I? They essentially had my daughter for more waking hours during the week than I did, I wanted to get to know them the best I could.  Mr A’s mama was one of those teachers and IContinue reading “Mr A ~*17 days fresh*~”

Mr L ~*15 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Last year when I was waiting in the airport to head off to shoot a wedding in Mexico in walked Mr L’s mama and papa.  Mama was a bridesmaid in the wedding and funny enough, years ago when we were in highschool, she was part of the group my husband hung out with when heContinue reading “Mr L ~*15 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Mr B & Mr P~ 14 days fresh~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

It’s always so special to see how excited people are when they contact me to schedule a shoot.  I typically recommend to schedule the newborn session when mama-to-be is 18-22 weeks along, occasionally I will get a family who contacts me much earlier and that makes me smile.  I feel that shows just how excitingContinue reading “Mr B & Mr P~ 14 days fresh~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Mr C ~*8 weeks new*~

If you’ve ever contacted a professional photographer to inquire about newborn photos, you likely received a response about the photos being done between 4-12 days of life.  There are multiple reasons for this which include they typically sleep better and can be posed into those adorable poses you see and love.  And so it isContinue reading “Mr C ~*8 weeks new*~”