My Reason For Thanks <3

These two beauties are my reason for everything I do.  They, along with their little sister we are waiting to meet, are our world.  They bring us laughter and joy.  Tears and frustration.  Happiness. Love. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

J & P *~32 weeks~* Windsor Maternity Photographer

I’m very excited for their little one to arrive, seeing as she is due on my birthday!  I loved doing this session; they were so much fun! Mama had a number of adorable ideas for our in studio shots (I decided to continue to keep those private) and we had some awesome laughs during thisContinue reading “J & P *~32 weeks~* Windsor Maternity Photographer”

Extra Holidays!

  I had a couple extra holiday mini clients after I moved into my new home. I photographed these sweet twins (yes, they are twins!) when they were in their mama’s belly and then again when they were just a few days old.  I love their individual little personalities! They were (eventually) excited to beContinue reading “Extra Holidays!”

The B Family

I come from a very big and loving family. My mother alone has 11 brothers and sisters (of which she is the 2nd youngest) which means many many aunts, uncles and cousins. Although the cousins ages span almost 50 years, the family bond and closeness is there. Christmas and family events were (and are) always funContinue reading “The B Family”