Miss Z I’m One!~*Cake Smash*~

I photographed Miss Z almost exactly one year ago and I was so excited to have her back in studio for her cake smash. She certainly did not lose her adorable cheeks that she had during her newborn session! She was so excited and happy to get to that cake, she even picked the wholeContinue reading “Miss Z I’m One!~*Cake Smash*~”

Miss R turns TWO! ~Windsor Child Photographer~

I just can’t believe how much Miss R has grown. Her hair is so long, it’s grown so much over this last year! Aside from all the growing and changes, she is still the same adorable little munchkin and I just love her. She has to be, hands down, the sweetest, most compliant 2 yearContinue reading “Miss R turns TWO! ~Windsor Child Photographer~”

Happy Birthday Mr A ~* Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

I love my job. There is no way around that statement to make it untrue.  I love that my friends and family trust me enough to photograph them and I love that perfect strangers trust me enough to come to me without knowing me.  I love that friends of mine, who no longer live inContinue reading “Happy Birthday Mr A ~* Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

Miss A’s 1st Birthday

I have been friends with this little darling’s mother since we were 5 years old and our families lived just around the block. Growing up we were inseparable – I think we saw each other every single day!  Although I have my memories there may be a time that my brain has more difficulty retrieving them.    TheContinue reading “Miss A’s 1st Birthday”

Miss B’s First Haircut

My youngest recently had her first haircut, she mainly needed it for her little bangs as you can tell she still doesn’t have the most hair! She was so excited to be able to sit in the “big girl chair” that she sees her older sister sit in. She loved it! And I love thatContinue reading “Miss B’s First Haircut”

Mr I is 9 months!

Mr I has been coming to see me since he was in the womb! I photographed his gorgeous mama and papa while they were still pregnant, and just 5 days later Mr I decided to make a fairly early appearance! I have since seen him every 3 months for his First Year photoshoots. I cannotContinue reading “Mr I is 9 months!”