My Triplets Are One! ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

For any of you who know me or follow my work, you know that our family has been greatly blessed in the baby department lately! Last year we welcomed my brothers triplets into our family- what an experience and ride it has been! These three were my first birth photography experience (I was so lucky,Continue reading “My Triplets Are One! ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

Miracles Come In Threes

As some of you may already know, my brother and sister in law welcomed three new little lives into this world in the summer of 2013.  You can say we were pretty surprised to hear they were pregnant and to say we were shocked to hear there were three is an understatement!  Up until thisContinue reading “Miracles Come In Threes”

The Triplets: Week 5

The babies are growing so quickly!  Now that the news has been more announced, I can write that baby Jonathan was discharged about 5 days earlier!  He passed his car seat test with flying colours and had been enjoying some “alone” time with mommy & daddy.  Although he still goes to the hospital everyday toContinue reading “The Triplets: Week 5”

The Big Reveal!!!

I recently had a very excited shoot.  My brother and his girlfriend were surprised when they found out they were expecting, but imagine how much more surprised and shocked they were when they were told it was natural TRIPLETS! A baby is always a miracle, but when that miracle becomes 3 unexpected miracles, well thatContinue reading “The Big Reveal!!!”