Miss A *~5 days new~*

I photographed Miss A’s big sister 2 years ago and it is amazing how much these two look alike. I had to keep reminding myself not to call her by her big sisters name!  Big sister was so sweet too- I ran into them at a restaurant a few weeks before the birth and IContinue reading “Miss A *~5 days new~*”

Mr W *~8 days new~*

The lashes on this sweetheart are incredible! And his pouty lips and kissable cheeks…I am sure they are kissed…A LOT!  He was so good for his whole session that I just couldn’t stop photographing him! Which resulted in so many amazing photos that I had to edit them all.  I was excited to see theContinue reading “Mr W *~8 days new~*”

Mr J *~13 days new~*

Woops! So with my own 2 older children home from school for the summer, along with the baby, it appears I’ve gotten a tad behind on my blogging! Well, time to make up for that! This little guy was such a dream to photograph. He had the most perfect skin and I just loved hisContinue reading “Mr J *~13 days new~*”

Miss E *~11 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer

Miss E was one of only a handful of girls I had this year! And I absolutely fell in love with her.  She was beyond amazing and her eyes and cheeks were too much for me to handle.  I could have cuddled with her all day long – but I had work to do! AndContinue reading “Miss E *~11 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Miss S ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to have Miss S in studio! It was the year of the boys this year and it was nice to be able to pull out some girly items! Such a small world; it just so happened that I had taken care of their dogs at the old veterinary clinic I hadContinue reading “Miss S ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Mr A *~9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Mr A was a dream baby! 🙂  And it was so sweet to see him as I had photographed his sweet baby cousin just a couple weeks before!  Both mom and dad are Chemists so they brought along their books which we had to include! And I love, love science! His sweet eyelashes were absolutelyContinue reading “Mr A *~9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Miss I ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer*~

Miss I – after two handsome boys finally a princess for mommy and daddy!  I have to say that this little sweetheart looks exactly like her oldest brother!  I have known this little ones mommy since she was just a little girl, she is the younger sister of a dear, dear friend of mine thatContinue reading “Miss I ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer*~”

Miss T ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Miss T was such a sweetheart! Which comes as no surprise since her parents are just about the nicest couple you could meet.  I met them a while back when I photographed them for their maternity session and I just LOVED watching how loving and caring dad was about his beautiful wife and the lookContinue reading “Miss T ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Mr N ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

I photographed Mr N’s big brother what feels like just a short time ago for his cake smash and here we are, another boy in the family (that makes three for mom, bless her heart!).  Daddy and I went to high school together, in fact, he was my first new friend I made outside ofContinue reading “Mr N ~*9 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Baby C *~8 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer

What a small world we live in! I was contacted by this sweet little man’s grandmother to book the session for her daughter.  Little did I know her daughter happens to be my dental hygenist and THEN I find out she is also married to the best friend of my cousin!  Actually Mama was oneContinue reading “Baby C *~8 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer”