Happy 1st Birthday Mr I!

Oh this handsome fella….a masculine spitting image of his big sister! I have been photographing this family and their children since big sister was just a few days old….over 4 years now! Not only have they become amazing clients, but amazing friends as well.  Mom, she is insanely crafty and sweet and talented and IContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday Mr I!”

Little Mr Z is 6 months!

Milk baths. All the rage and so much fun! We put a little citrus twist on the traditional floral milk bath for this little Mr! Let me tell you what I learned; Lime slices do not float. Seriously, who would have thought? (neither do kiwi but that’s not really surprising!) AND this little guy LOVEDContinue reading “Little Mr Z is 6 months!”

Mr I is THREE! ~Windsor Children Photographer~

Being a photographer, I sometimes feel like I have many, many more children than I actually do.  I get to grow with these families and children and fall in love with them.  Mr I, well I can’t even tell you how many sessions his family has come to Windsor for since he was nestled warmlyContinue reading “Mr I is THREE! ~Windsor Children Photographer~”

*~Zeus~* The World’s Tallest Dog

Recently over the weekend a fundraiser was held called “WOOFA ROO”.  It was an amazing event full of information, fun, entertainment and excitement.  The money raised went to animal charities such as The Windsor Essex County Humane Society. I was honoured that I was asked to be part of this event and excited to beContinue reading “*~Zeus~* The World’s Tallest Dog”

Angela & Matthew ~*Happy 1st Anniversary*~

Angela and I have been friends from a long time….and now that I am thinking about it, it’s about 15 years!  I am a couple years older than her and so I have a bit of a “big sister” feeling when I think of our friendship over the years.  I have watched her grow fromContinue reading “Angela & Matthew ~*Happy 1st Anniversary*~”

Connor 4 years of sweetness!

I was contacted by Connor’s mom to photograph her sweet little boy while they were here visiting from Toronto one weekend.  I was told he LOVED angry birds- and boy did he ever! He had a backpack full of them and was telling me what the special power of each one was (thankfully I hadContinue reading “Connor 4 years of sweetness!”

The Triplets: Week One

As some of you may know, my brother and sister-in-law recently welcomed triplets into their lives.  They were born at 31 weeks.  I was blessed and lucky enough to be present during the entire delivery to photograph their birth (although I am unable to post photos from this experience as they are wishing to keepContinue reading “The Triplets: Week One”

Happy Birthday Miss R!!

I remember Miss R being in her mama’s belly and bringing their sweet dog to see me at my clinic.  And I was so excited to meet her that her mama knew she couldn’t bring the dog without bringing the baby! (one of my favourite appointments to go into is one with not only aContinue reading “Happy Birthday Miss R!!”

First Communion- Congratulations Mr M!

I was invited to witness and capture a very special moment in a young Catholic’s life- the 1st Communion.  And although it was not allowed to take photos during the actual ceremony, we were able to capture the excitement and family love.  This young man was so wonderful- I hope that my children will growContinue reading “First Communion- Congratulations Mr M!”