Miss A *~5 days new~*

I photographed Miss A’s big sister 2 years ago and it is amazing how much these two look alike. I had to keep reminding myself not to call her by her big sisters name!  Big sister was so sweet too- I ran into them at a restaurant a few weeks before the birth and IContinue reading “Miss A *~5 days new~*”

Tess & Darin ~*33 weeks*~

I first met Tess when one of my best friends married her cousin.  She was and is, one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. Her entire family, including her husband, is so talented it’s unbelievable. (If by chance her face looks familiar, her mother is an amazing artist and has used her as inspiration;Continue reading “Tess & Darin ~*33 weeks*~”

Mr L ~*15 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Last year when I was waiting in the airport to head off to shoot a wedding in Mexico in walked Mr L’s mama and papa.  Mama was a bridesmaid in the wedding and funny enough, years ago when we were in highschool, she was part of the group my husband hung out with when heContinue reading “Mr L ~*15 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Mr G ~*9 days fresh~*

Nothing could make me happier than growing with a family.  Having a family trust me enough to continue to capture milestones in their lives.  Almost 2 years ago I photographed this cute little family of 3 as they prepared for mama and papa to say I Do.  Mr W was just a toddler but stillContinue reading “Mr G ~*9 days fresh~*”

Happy 1st Mr A ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~

It took Mr A about 90 seconds to really start to warm up, and about 5 more minutes before he wanted to explore.  His eyes and cheeks were just screaming “I’m too cute to not snuggle”!  His mama told me they were having a blue, silver & white snowflake party so I went with it!Continue reading “Happy 1st Mr A ~*Windsor Cake Smash Photographer*~”

It’s All About Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

I don’t often shoot big extended families, even though I come from one, so it was nice to see a big family all together.  And I really enjoy seeing 4 generations together!  This family was so sweet, and the children are A-DORABLE!  The great grandparents were so cute- more than 60 years of married life!Continue reading “It’s All About Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

Baby M *~6 days fresh~*

As some of you may have seen, I recently did a lovely maternity session with a beautiful couple and I couldn’t wait to meet their princess.  Well our sweet princess decided to make an early debut (perhaps she was so excited to meet me!) My dear little Miss M came in to the studio sleepingContinue reading “Baby M *~6 days fresh~*”

My New Nephew Baby J! ~*9 days new*~

I photographed my newest nephew when he was just 9 days old.  Which gave me lots of extra snuggle time without having to share him!  He was very interested in what I was doing and loving his mama’s milk so he didn’t want to sleep too much.  Looks like he’s going to be just likeContinue reading “My New Nephew Baby J! ~*9 days new*~”