The P Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

This was one of my last families to photograph before I went on maternity leave! And what a wonderful family to finish with.  These three children were some of the most wonderful, well mannered, adorable children I’ve ever seen. Even the youngest, who is less than 2 years old, would listen and pose just howContinue reading “The P Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

Our Sweet Daughter

Some of you may know that we recently welcomed our third daughter into our family. She was born on January 5th weighing 8lbs 3oz, with what seems like 3lbs of that in her cheeks alone. She was just 3 days fresh in the first three images, 2 weeks old in the images with my otherContinue reading “Our Sweet Daughter”

The R Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

I love this little man! I photographed him when he was just a wee 5lbs for his newborn session and we did a family session for his one year! His smile and his little toddle as he walks just melts hearts. Mama does some photography herself, especially for reporting so she took photos of himContinue reading “The R Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

Miss T ~*9 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

Miss T was my very last newborn before I started my photography maternity leave.  My own little one was due 2 months later and my belly was starting to get too big to do sessions anymore. I think little Miss wanted to be my final one because she waited two extra weeks to come outContinue reading “Miss T ~*9 days fresh*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Miss A ~*6 months*~

Miss A is a very tough cookie to crack.  She is so inquisitive and thoughtful that she carefully studies all that is around her with the utmost seriousness.  Even with the aid of her big brother, she held her smiles within and only showed it through her beautiful eyes. Those cheeks begged to be pinchedContinue reading “Miss A ~*6 months*~”

Miss E *~11 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer

Miss E was one of only a handful of girls I had this year! And I absolutely fell in love with her.  She was beyond amazing and her eyes and cheeks were too much for me to handle.  I could have cuddled with her all day long – but I had work to do! AndContinue reading “Miss E *~11 days new~* Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Miss S ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to have Miss S in studio! It was the year of the boys this year and it was nice to be able to pull out some girly items! Such a small world; it just so happened that I had taken care of their dogs at the old veterinary clinic I hadContinue reading “Miss S ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

Baby N ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer

This beautiful family was back to see me just a short time after we did their maternity session and big brother was back; this time showing off his brand new baby brother!  He certainly loves his little brother and this family is so blessed and adorable with their two sweet little boys! I just wantedContinue reading “Baby N ~*10 days new*~ Windsor Newborn Photographer”

The D Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~

This is the 5th time I have had the chance to photograph this lovely family; maternity, newborn, 6 month, cake smash and finally a fall family session.  Sometimes I see my little babies and how they’ve grown and they look so different from their newborn stage; Mr E is not one of those! He hasContinue reading “The D Family ~*Windsor Family Photographer*~”

Miss A’s 1/2 birthday ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~

Sweet, adorable Miss A is one of my (many) little cousins- 2nd cousin in fact- we’ve got a VERY big family and there are lots of us!  She is a tough cookie to crack into the smiles, but regardless, she is an absolute cabbage patch doll! Her eyes are ridiculously amazing- and I could justContinue reading “Miss A’s 1/2 birthday ~*Windsor Child Photographer*~”