Your Journey Begins

This is your story. You’re the author, I’m your publisher. I’m here for the story you’ve created.

Because birth is exciting.  And unpredictable. And terrifying.
And predictable. And wonderful.
And yours.
And I’m up for wherever your narration takes us.


Whether this is your first, or fifth, anticipating the arrival of a new little one sparks an array of emotions. How do you want your story told?

Remember Your Strength and Feel Your Emotions

As birthing parents, the level of strength and intensity that is needed to bring new life into this world is unlike any other. While you focus on this life altering task, you may not see or remember all the little moments surrounding your birth.
Through my lens, my heart and my photographs, let me tell your story so that you can see all those details, recognize your strength and most importantly, feel all your emotions, without having to struggle to remember.

Why Am I Passionate About Your Birth Story?

I have zero photographs from my first child’s birth, and while I remember her birth, I don’t remember it with feeling. As the years quickly roll past, my ability to remember details fades. I want you to remember every detail, feel every emotion and be able to retell your story for generations to come.

What Others Are Saying

It always humbles me when I receive such incredible messages, love and affirmation that my passion is giving my clients exactly what I envisioned.

Your Birth Story Begins….

Your Labour Begins

The Time Has Arrived

We’ve met. We’ve booked. We’ve Planned. The big day has finally arrived.

What do you do now?

Post Partum