In Someone Else’s Words

If you think you do not need birth photos, you are so wrong. Clarissa will impact you and your birth experience like no other human can.I highly recommend her and her skills to be a part of your birth story. I am so thankful to have her as a part of ours. Continue reading

A Family Surprise Birth Story

I first met Aracely and Adam last year during a devastating time. I had been at the hospital photographing the birth of a baby born with his angel wings when the nurse quietly asked me to step into the hall. … Continue reading

Welcoming Harry ~ A Surrogate Story

When I was first contacted by Erin, she seemed a little hesitant on whether I would accept her requests.  Erin was pregnant, but it was not her child, she was giving the gift of life to a beautiful couple who lived in France. I have photographed numerous surrogates in the past, both in maternity and their birth stories, but Erin was apprehensive as there are many people who are not very supportive of the world of surrogacy.  I immediately opened my heart to her with love and excitement! When we met at Anchor Coffee house in Walkerville, it was like meeting up with a great friend. (side note: YUM! Check them out! I felt a sense that our souls had crossed at some point in the universe.  We easily spoke about her journey, our lives, her story and the story of her intended parents. We just CLICKED!  We spent well over an hour at the coffee house! 
It was exciting to see her again when we met up for the maternity session, she looked beautiful and was so happy to be able to give this to the parents. 
 Believe it or not, surrogacy is not recognized in France! In France, if you birth the child, even if not biological yours, the child is considered yours! So often, intended parents will use surrogacy agencies in the USA and Canada.  Only one of the intended parents was able to make the trip to Canada for the birth of their second son, so as the time grew near for her due date, which was close to Christmas, she, along with her OB made the decision to induce her a bit early.  There would be lots of paperwork to complete before they could return home to France and they didn’t want to miss Christmas!
The day before her intended induction, I got a message from her! She was in labour and baby was coming that day! I arrived at the hospital when Erin was about 5cm.  She has two biological children and their labours were pretty quick so we didn’t want to miss a thing!  When I walked in the room I introduced myself to Remi, one of the fathers, and was greeted with a giant smile, a big hug and two cheek kisses! Erin’s birth support, her best friend was rushing to make it to Windsor for the birth. When she arrived, Erin was still labouring; she made it! And she began to gently talk to Harry to tell him it was time to make his debut.
Erin laboured without the aid of any pain medication and she was a ROCKSTAR!
When Harry finally decided it was time…he meant BUSINESS! The room was a flurry of staff and excitement.  Let me tell you, from the first moment she started pushing, to the time he was entirely out was NINETY THREE SECONDS! And I have the time-stamped images to prove it!!
Immediately, you could see the love on dad’s face and the instant relief on Erin’s.  The excitement was palpable as they facetimed with Harry’s other father and new big brother! Big brother was speaking so quickly and with so much excitement (although, I could barely catch any recognition of his speedy French words!)
While dad marvelled at his new son, Erin was starting with a slight medical emergency which caused an influx of medical staff and quick movements. I calmly recommended to her birth support that she just stand by her side and keep calm and I asked the medical staff if I could step out of the room with Dad and baby Harry.  I had very little worry over Erin’s condition as she had one of the best Doctors working her care.
While dad, Harry and I were in the hall, he told me all about the birth of their first son and what it meant to have Erin as a surrogate for their second son.  It was the first moment I have ever cried at a birth.  It made it even more special to me that I was able to provide their story, to be shown and told again, when Dad returned home to France.
It wasn’t too long before Erin’s emergency was controlled and we went back into the room for her to really see the gift she had just brought forth into the world.
It was truly beautiful.

Erin, Dad and baby Harry all made their way to France before Christmas, but not before inviting me over to get some snuggles in.  What a truly incredible family! I got some serious baby cuddles in with this little guy before he became an international traveler! 

I have been blessed with the ability to be invited into their lives to not only capture their story, but also now, with the magic of social media, follow their lives and baby Harry’s growth.  And it’s safe to say, this journey has given me another wonderful friend in Erin!

I’m working on a new ME!

2CD45960-A14B-41D4-A365-6626D668A2A9The last couple years I’ve been under construction. My life exploded, or imploded, both can be held true and truly, me as a person, and the life I had known underwent monumental changes and certain aspects within my life had to take a seat for a moment.  Photography wasn’t one of them, but tasks such as my website did.

I continued shooting, on a bit of a decreased level, but held strong on my passion for capturing moments. That never wavered.

You can see more of my current work on my Instagram account @clarissamariephotography2507 or my Facebook page

So here we are…2020, the start of a new decade and the beginning (again) of this passion. I’m working on myself, as a business owner, as well as my business to create exactly what I love and give you the very best of me.

I’ve got big plans and a list of “To Do’s” that are my focus and so here we are. I’m still in business. I’m still passionate. I still love what I do.  I’ve streamlined my focus a bit more; and where my intense passion lies, what fuels my fire of my soul and will be running with it. And I’m so excited to share it all!

I am so thankful for all of my clients, my friends, family and those who have given me support to have continued on this amazing ride with me!  Let’s do this!



My best friend got married this year. And I can’t even explain how excited I am that I was the one to capture it.

I first met Ben over a decade ago when I was working as a Registered Veterinary Technician and he began to bring his dogs to my clinic.  I can vividly remember when I first met him as I thought to myself “this guy is such a stressed dog owner, I hope he never has children or he might have a heart attack!” 😉

Throughout the years I watched his life change and grow, eventually having 3 beautiful children of his own.  (and gasp, TWINS! how did do it!) He was the most incredible dad, both dog dad and child dad.  Our friendship grew, our banter and laughter was the number one aspect of our friendship.  When I left the clinic I was at, he trusted me so much that he chose to come to my new clinic with his pets.  And our friendship grew.  We both supported each other when our lives were turned upside down and “crumbled” around us (albeit at different times, not together).   And when he began to tell me about Robin, I knew this was it.  I knew she was “the one”.  He lit up when he spoke about her.  He had a completely different feeling and vibe to him.   He took with her, her 2 beautiful children and together they began to raise their 5 amazing children.  (who are all within 4 years of each other, so you can imagine how busy that house is!)

I can still remember my reaction when he proposed to Robin.  My excitement and happiness was through the roof.  And Robin is a kick ass woman.  Like truly amazing.  It takes a special woman to add three more children to her crew, and take on Ben! She truly is a special woman.  And she accepted me, our friendship and became my friend as well.  She, along with Ben, have been there for me, supporting me, guiding me, giving me advice through some of the hardest times of my life.  In so many walks of life, a friendship between a man and a woman aren’t always accepted.  It takes a very special, incredible person to accept, understand and support their significant other and the friendship they have with someone of the opposite sex.  No question.  And while my best friend found the love of his life, I found a new friend, one who can understand a truly incredible friendship.  (And of course, we bond over making fun of Ben on occasion, especially when he’s being so emotional) 😉

The day of the wedding was full of love and excitement.  I can say I have not attended a wedding that had more love, and true happiness from EVERY SINGLE PERSON.  You could feel the excitement and love.  Even looking through the images as I edited, you could feel it again.  The kids were beyond adorable. BEYOND.  And in one of the most heart touching moments, all five children signed their signature on their mom and dad’s marriage certificate, creating the most beautifully ‘decorated’ certificate we had ever seen.

There were tears all day (mostly from Ben), tears of extreme happiness, love and gratitude, especially when people began to discuss what an incredible dad he is (gets him every time!)  Thank you Ben & Robin for allowing me to be part of this amazing day; I love you both!

Shout out to my friend Dana, with Dana Marie Photography for second shooting along side me for the day! ❤




Mr R *~14 days new~*

Another handsome little babe! Another beautiful sibling that I’m blessed to photograph.

I first met mom and dad when they were pregnant with big sister and I photographed their anticipation of becoming parents.  They trusted me enough to capture her newborn and all throughout her life so far, so imagine my excitement when mom contacted me and told me they were expecting again! And then when we found out it would be a little mister for the sister, oooh how exciting!

I love that over this journey, I get to become not only a clients photographer, but their friend.  One they can turn to when they are worried, or just to talk to.  Little Mr gave mom and dad a bit of a scare when it was possible he was going to make his appearance way early and I hope that my words and discussions helped mom just a little bit.  Thankfully, he “hung around the womb” a bit longer and arrived after being considered full term! Woo hoo!

I’m always amazed at how similar siblings look!


Little Miss R ~*7 days new*~

I photographed this beauty’s twin big sisters 5 years ago (wow! How does THAT happen!) so once again, I was honoured to be chosen to capture this little one during this sweet fleeting time.

And she gave me some of the most amazing smiles! A newborn smile is like the double chocolate cake of the newborn world….we crave it! 😉   And it warms and feeds our souls!

Mom and Dad brought this little unicorn set and she worked it! ❤


Mr H *~13 days new~*

Watching families grow is one of the best parts of my job, and when it’s for people I already love, it’s even more special! I was honoured yet again to be asked to photograph a new sibling for their newborn session!  Big brother S was just a little guy when I had him in studio 3.5 years ago, in fact, he fit on top of some of the very books that mom and dad brought back. To put it simply, I love this family.  I love these people.  And I am incredibly thankful to know them ❤

And like, come on, how cute are these 2????



Waiting For Little Brother

I first met this beautiful couple a few years back when I photographed their maternity session for their first, then multiple times from newborn through Miss H’s life so of course, I was pumped when they contacted me and told me they were expecting again! And this time….a little brother! 🙂

Miss H was sleepy and not feeling her best and probably would have been happiest if she could have slept the entire time, inspite of being a toddler and not up to her normal seld, she was so good!


Happy 1st Birthday Mr I!

Oh this handsome fella….a masculine spitting image of his big sister! I have been photographing this family and their children since big sister was just a few days old….over 4 years now! Not only have they become amazing clients, but amazing friends as well.  Mom, she is insanely crafty and sweet and talented and I simply adore her! Dad is a personal trainer and professional body builder (and who I have had as my personal trainer)…he is so sweet.  He never made me feel bad, or uncomfortable, or self conscious or anything but excited and strong every session we had!  (Check out Marty’s Way Personal Training in Windsor, Ontario….you won’t be disappointed!)

So, with this little Mr, it was fitting to do a muscle theme cake smash! (like seriously….see his onsie? “This is All  Muscle” haha too cute!

And he did what every cake smash photographer hopes for….face first into the cake! Yum!!!