It’s Time To Tell Your Story!

The Big Day Preparation

You probably had your baby shower, stared at the tiny little clothes in the empty nursery thinking how you can’t believe your baby is going to be so tiny. You’ve thought about when will you be holding your baby in your arms, when your contractions are going to start and how painful it might be. I’ve been in your shoes three times myself, and every time is just as unknown and exciting.

You and I will be in contact over the course of your pregnancy, I’ll share in your excitement, and talk about anything you wish to talk about. I’ll check in for updates as your due date approaches and find out what your OB/Midwife is seeing, feeling and thinking. I’m in this journey with you!

At the first sight, of what you think might be contractions, let me know! This allows me to start the potential ball rolling of all the next series of events that are to come. I can begin to think about timing, arrange necessary childcare, changes to our typical routine and begin to mentally prepare for what’s to come. (Let’s be real, I’m going to be so geeked that I’ll be looking at my phone every 5 minutes!)

Once you have confirmed with your midwife/OB/hospital that you are indeed, in labour, let me know again. Keeping me in the loop of your progress is essential in
ensuring that I have adequate time to arrive, we certainly wouldn’t want to miss anything!

Don’t hesitate to call or text me, no matter what time of day or night. Never feel bad or think you’re bothering me. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, I’d rather have a false alarm than to miss your birth!

At approximately 6cm dilated, I ask that you contact me again. This is when I will typically make my way over to where you are birthing. Of course, every
pregnancy and birth is different so we will talk during our consultation about previous labours and deliveries as well as other circumstances that could change our approximate time line.

Your Story Begins!

You’re ~6cm dilated! When I arrive, I will introduce myself to your birthing team and support, especially if I haven’t already met them. They are your caregivers and also allowing me to work and share their workspace with you. I will begin to document your suroundings, the time, your labouring tools, the room, the little details that may go unnoticed or eventually not be remembered.

You’re 10cm and fully effaced! It’s time! Based upon our previous consultation and
discussion of your wishes and comfort, I will begin to position myself within your birthing space to capture your story the way you desire. Although there may be times, that due to circumstance, I am limited in what I am to photograph, I will ensure my best that your story be told in a manner full of love, compassion and professionalism.

Post Partum

Have you ever watched someone fall in love? Do you remember a moment where you fell in love?I have, and I do. And it’s incredible every single time. I’ve watched new mothers, fathers, grandparents and siblings fall in love. The peace that rolls in after your labour of love, is some of the most touching, real moments you will have.
I will remain by your side, documenting your incredible day, until approximately 1-2 hours after your beautiful little one makes their appearance. Those first
moments, first looks, first cries, skin to skin, meeting siblings and family, first
nursing moments, will be captured as they play out, should you desire to have this.
The first moments that a newly appointed big brother or big sister can be an
incredibly touching or even incredibly hilarious moment.

Your Completed Story

It’s time for you to enjoy your sweet, precious new little one. As the days go on, you will look back at the many, many images I am sure you will have already on your phone, amazed at how they change so quickly. Each day is a new experience, new moments and growing. You may have already forgotten some parts of your labour or delivery, as new, important moments take over in your memory. And you begin to truly realize how quickly life begins to go and how fast our little ones change.

You will receive your birth story, through both colour and black and white images on a custom USB. Your story will be put together, through slideshow and music, to really take you back to that special day. Your slideshow will be created within modest care, so that if you choose, you may share your beautiful story with your friends and family and on social media. I take care and time to choose fitting music and create your powerful, raw, emotional story. Let me tell you, I watch these slideshows over and over while I am editing, and I manage to find new ways to make myself tear up with emotion each and every time!

Leave your hands free for what really matters for you to hold and let my hands, and my heart, capture your story

Let’s Talk About Your Story

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